Be on the look out for emails like the one demonstrated via the text below. Do not click the links contained within these emails, they are phishing for your Butterfield Online Banking login details.

Dear Customer,

Your Butterfield Online Banking was logged into from a computer, mobile device or other location you’ve never used before. For your protection, we’ve temporarily locked your account until you can review this activity and make sure no one is using your account without your permission.

Did you log into Butterfield Online Banking from a new device or an unusual location?

– If this was not you, please click here to log into Butterfield Bank from your computer and follow the instructions provided to help you control your account information.

– If this was you, there’s no need to worry. click here to Simply log into Butterfield Online Banking again to get back into your account.

For more information, visit our Help Center here:

Thank you for choosing Butterfield.
Butterfield Security Team

Punjab National Bank customers are warned to be wary of fake ‘NetBanking Online Notification’ emails that may say/look like the text below. WARNING, do not click any links contained within any such email. Simply delete the email immediately.


Net Banking Upgrade Notifications.
Dear PNB Net Banking User,

Punjab National Bank is constantly striving to provide you with more convenience, control, and security to assist in managing your finances online. As part of our ongoing efforts to operate on ISO requirements, and create an enhanced security portal for your online banking services, we have upgraded the PNB Electronic-Sign Consent and Online Access. To Upgrade your account security status it is mandatory that you kindly Login to your online banking using the link specified below to update us on ur account informations.

Do kindly update and Unlock your E-Sign account profile by downloading the attached file

Failure to update your account details within seventy two (72) hours of receiving this notice could lead to account being suspended and online access restricted.
Thank you for your cooperation.


PNB Bank Ltd.
Online Banking Security Unit

Copyright ? 2004 Punjab National Bank

Visa Cardholders, beware of fake/phishing Visa Cardholder emails like the one we received (see email text below):

Dear Visa Cardholder,

Continuous Monitoring is an integral part of Visa’s multiple layers of security. In addition to other fraud monitoring tools, we can often spot fraud based upon transactions on the card that are outside of cardholders typical purchasing pattern.
This allows us to spot fraudulent activity as quickly as possible and acts as an early-warning system to identify fraudulent activity.

During a recent checkout we detected suspicious activity and your Visa card may have been compromised. Fraudulent activity made it necessary to limit your card for online services.

Your Case ID Number is: AV056BJ348QA05

Conform to our security requirements and in order to continue online services with your card, we must validate your identity.

Please use our link below to proceed:
[link removed]

Visa takes online security very seriously so that you can shop safely on the Internet. As part of our commitment to fighting fraud we have the
right to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety
of any person, or violations of the terms and conditions for using Visa.

© Copyright 1996-2011 Visa. All Rights Reserved.

Persons are warned to beware of a fraudulent email that is being circulated with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s (FDIC) logo and text which makes the email appear to be from the FDIC. The email is an elaborate phishing scheme which seeks to dupe you into revealing your critical banking information to fraudsters. Here are some more details about the email:

Email subjectInsurance of your business accounts

Email bodyWe have important information about your bank.

Please click here to find further details.

This includes information on the acquiring bank (if applicable), how your accounts and loans are affected, and how vendors can file claims against the receivership

Beware of emails like this, and delete them immediately. Never click any links contained within emails such as this.

Customers of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) are being warned to beware of fraudulent emails that appear to be coming from RBC, but which are actually phishing emails that seek to gain access to the Internet banking account login details of RBC customers. Below we’ve featured the text of one such email which was received today:

Dear Customer,

We’ve made some enhancements to our Sign In Protection feature, providing you with additional security when using Online Banking. As a result you may notice some changes to the Sign In Protection and Personal Verification Question screens.

We need to update your information and place a new security recognition cookie on your computer. To securely Sign In » to Online Banking just click here or go directly to .

However, Failure to do so may result in temporary account suspension.Please understand that this is a security measure intended to help protect you and your account.

With the newly-enhanced Sign In Protection, you can now select from a variety of Personal Verification Questions which help encourage unique and memorable answers.

© Royal Bank of Canada 1995-2011

Checks may soon be a thing of the past, as this medium of payment is steadily being phased out in favor of quicker and less labor-intensive online banking. Undoubtedly for example, paying bills with checks is not as popular as it used to be, and worldwide, the bodies that monitor and regulate banking systems have been giving customers the opportunity to not have checks at all.

The truth is, these days, very few persons actually use checks, especially in more developed countries such as the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, and although its sad to say, many of the demographic (older individuals over the age of 60) that still hang on to the use of checks are fading (passing away) slowly but surely every year, make it inevitable that electronic/digital will triumph eventually.

From all angles, the check and other manual/paper forms of financial transactions are being replaced because of Internet banking and Internet-based transactions. A classic example is in the area of billing. e-billing software are rapidly replacing those manual/printed invoices that a company would need in order to authorize a check for signing.

Surely the writing is on the wall. Online banking and Internet-based transactions are here to stay, and here to replace the manual/printed.

According to recent research by the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society in the United Kingdom (UK), adults in that country spend a 143 million hours of leisure time online everyday day, with general research, internet banking and news sites being among the most visited.

According to the study, many persons are taking an avid interest in their finances by using internet banking, with an estimated one in five logging on every single day. Still going to your branch, but just about ready to try Internet banking? Make sure you have a secure internet service high speed connection when banking over the internet, it can mean the difference between an amazing online experience and disaster.

US Bank customers, be on the look out for fraudulent emails that appear to be coming from US Bank, but which are really from scammers who are attempting steal your login information. Do NOT click the link(s) contained within these emails. Sample text from one of the US Bank scam emails can be seen below (italics).

Dear Customer,

Sensitive area to your US Bank Online Access has been limited due to a mis-match of access code between your security details. You now need to verify your Identity to enable you continue accessing your Internet Banking.

To verify your identity, click on the guide-link below and follow the directions to instant activation or please call our Online Helpdesk on 1-851 455 4555 to activate your account and security information. Calls will be charged at local rates and it will take up to 5 minutes.

IMPORTANT: You are strictly advised to match your Identity correctly to avoid service denial.

Yours Sincerely,
USbank Online?? Helpdesk

Beware of scams like this. Stay ahead of the scammers using Scam Reports, a scam trend watching website.

If you end up getting scammed, you might need to find a company like LifeLock to make sure your identity is protected.

Very often, when we think about Internet banking we think only about convenience in:
• Accessing our account balances on demand
• Paying bills (utility)
• Reviewing transactions passing through your account
• No traffic on banking hall delays
• Electronically submitting business payroll files

But is this the only way to maximize the use of Internet banking? How much thought have you given to the potential savings to be derived from using this channel to conduct your everyday business transactions?

As an individual, have you ever complained, or heard a colleague complain about the high service charges imposed by banks? Well, these charges, whether you believe it or not, are necessary and bear a direct relation to the channel delivery costs that are incurred to maintain the traditional “brick and mortar” paper-based structure. When combined, staffing, security, processing, utilities, printing, storage costs and other overhead costs will result in your bank charging higher service fees and/or paying lower interest rates on your deposits.

For the business enterprise (small or large) this is much the same, except these costs are compounded even further. For example, if you should operate a business that sold goods on a 14-day credit term as the due date approaches, a member of your accounting team places a reminder call to your debtor, who informs you its okay to collect your payment, so you dispatch your bearer, who fights the traffic and if he is lucky, gets the check on time. Very often, however, a second trip is required or a long wait, because the check was not signed. This is often at the expense of your bearer not being able to complete other errands scheduled for the day.

For the sake of this discussion, let’s say the check was ready on time; your accountant then prepares the lodgment and dispatches your bearer to the bank. If you are a cost conscious enterprise (as you should be), you would have established structures around the frequency of visits to the bank, in your attempt to manage your operating expenses. However, this works to your disadvantage as the longer you take to make that deposit represents lost interest earnings to you. Without realizing your 14-day credit term has now become 17 days.

But, you are a savvy businessman such as Tom Mower and recognize this systemic weakness, so to compensate; you build this into your cost structure, which is passed down to your retailer, who then passes it on to the consumer. It’s like the person who is able to get a credit card with bad credit.

What I have just outlined is a vicious cycle of inefficiencies that individuals and business enterprises find inconvenient and frustrating, which ultimately drives costs up in a manner that puts the consumer at a disadvantage. But does it have to be this way?

Your bank should allow you an Internet banking system that permits you, whether as an individual or business enterprise, to originate payments electronically. In essence, this allows you to pay your creditors or receive payments from your debtors, directly to your account, locally or internationally. These facilities are common in North America and Europe and remove inefficiencies from payment. FYI persons in Ohio – poor credit loans in Ohio are available now. More soon.

The next time you think about writing that check or are asked to send a bearer to pick one up, why don’t you originate that payment or ask your creditor to pay you electronically? In the event your current bank does not allow you to do this, call around and find a bank that allows you to reduce your cost of operations or, as an individual, permits you not only convenience, but savings to your pocket book.

According to an August 2009 survey of U.S. consumers by the American Bankers Association (ABA), Internet banking is now the No. 1 method of banking.

One-quarter of respondents preferred Internet banking to using branches, ATMs or any other channel.

Here are the actual numbers for the “Preferred banking method of U.S. consumers”:
– Internet banking 25%
– Branches 21%
– ATM 17%
– Mail 9%
– Telephone 4%
– Mobile 1%
– Unknown 23%

Internet banking was not only popular with the youngest consumers—it was the top response of all those under age 55. Older bank customers still preferred their local branch (26%) and ATMs (17%), but the popularity of branches and ATMs was down in all age groups (compared to 2008).

The results of this survey make it clear that for the first time, more consumers prefer the speed and convenience of conducting their banking transactions on the Internet, rather than visiting their local branch. It also indicates that consumers now have more confidence in the accuracy and security of online banking.

Its great to have a credit card just for business. You can find a selection of credit cards at

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