Beware Fake Punjab National Bank ‘NetBanking Online Notification’


Punjab National Bank customers are warned to be wary of fake ‘NetBanking Online Notification’ emails that may say/look like the text below. WARNING, do not click any links contained within any such email. Simply delete the email immediately.


Net Banking Upgrade Notifications.
Dear PNB Net Banking User,

Punjab National Bank is constantly striving to provide you with more convenience, control, and security to assist in managing your finances online. As part of our ongoing efforts to operate on ISO requirements, and create an enhanced security portal for your online banking services, we have upgraded the PNB Electronic-Sign Consent and Online Access. To Upgrade your account security status it is mandatory that you kindly Login to your online banking using the link specified below to update us on ur account informations.

Do kindly update and Unlock your E-Sign account profile by downloading the attached file

Failure to update your account details within seventy two (72) hours of receiving this notice could lead to account being suspended and online access restricted.
Thank you for your cooperation.


PNB Bank Ltd.
Online Banking Security Unit

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